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Keel Systems provides custom PC database solutions using Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and SQL Server in a Windows environment.

Keel Systems is solely owned and operated by Thornton Keel who works exclusively as an independent contractor. Other contractors outside of Keel Systems are available when needed to meet demand and to provide other areas of expertise.

Thornton received a BA in Computer Science from the University of Texas in 1978 and now has over 30 years experience as a Computer Science professional in the Austin area.  With a strong programming background and extensive database experience, Thornton is available to meet your database application needs.   

How to Contact 


Thornton Keel


23812 Tres Coronas.


Spicewood, TX 78669















Maldonado & Danze


Tim Carnes, Office Manager




Maldonado & Danze is one of the largest residential foundations contractors in Austin. They have a high volume business that processes more than $1 million a month in sales. They needed a program that could track all the sales, job site information, and sub-contractor transactions. Keel Systems developed an Access-based program called Track Job that automates their business process in a multi-user environment. Currently, requested enhancements are implemented as needed.





Kannan Kaliyur, Co-Founder




Connecttel is a software development company providing a wide variety of services. For more information go to  Keel Systems and Connecttel provide support to each in order to provide a wider variety of software services.



Resume of Thornton Keel



1978, BA Computer Science, University of Texas at Austin.


Work Experience Summary 

Over 30 years experience in the development of custom application and system software. Emphasis on Access, Visual Basic, C, GUI, database, and real time.


Visual Basic, C, C++, SQL, assembly


Windows, MS-DOS, AIX, and RMX


MS Access, SQL Server, Sybase SQL, ADO, DAO, ODBC




Work History 

February 1992 - Present: Owner of Keel Systems, Austin, Texas 

Independent contractor specializing in custom database solutions in a PC environment using Access, Visual Basic, SQL, ADO, and Active X Controls. Applications include small business accounting, direct mail, point-of-sale, and political campaigns.

April 1993 - March 1994: Under contract to IBM, Austin, Texas 

Developed and maintained software tools used by the Engineering Support Center to diagnose hardware and system level field problems. The work was performed on a RS/6000 Work Station running under AIX using the language C.

April 1985 - February 1992: Contract Programmer and Project Manager at Wayne Dresser, Austin, Texas 

Manager and lead programmer of projects that automated gasoline stations for oil companies worldwide. Responsible for analysis, design, and development of all aspects of the system. This included communications with fuel dispensers, point of sale devices, and financial networks. The software was developed in C under DOS and RMX.

April 1984 - January 1985: Under contract to IBM, Austin, Texas 

Developed a program that automated product testing procedures. The application required a friendly human interface for data acquisition, database management, and generation of statistics in a printable form. The work was performed on an IBM-PC running under DOS using the language C.

May 1983 - April 1984: Software Consultant, Austin, Texas 

Self-employed as a programmer and software consultant for local and out of state clients including Intel. Programs were written in the languages PASCAL, C, and assembly.

November 1981 - May 1983: Software Engineer at Intel Corp., Austin, Texas

Member of Intel's software development group for relational database, LAN, and multi-user systems. The programs were written in the languages C, PL/M, and PASCAL under the operating systems XENIX and RMX.

July 1978 - October 1981: Sr. Software Eng. at Eagle Signal Corp., Austin, Texas

Chief software engineer of the Computer Aided Dispatch system for major fire departments. Responsible for the overall design, implementation and installation of the system. This system required real time control, database management, and telecommunications. The software was written on a Data General Nova in assembly language under RDOS.