Complete Campaign Management

Camtrack is a fully integrated campaign management software package that extensively covers every need of a political campaign, fundraising entity or action committee. Our product is programatically integrated with leading firms in neighboring industries, including: online credit card processors, payroll softwares, and bookkeeping programs. Being a desktop program, Camtrack is inherently faster than competing browser based programs. Keel Systems is working to consolidate and modernize campaign management at all levels of government in America and to present political organizations with a quality, affordable solution.

Dynamic & Reliable

Keel Systems partners with Amazon Web Services to bring Camtrack to the Cloud where databases are securely and routinely backed up. Users can access their databases from any device with an internet connection. Campaigns can add an unlimited amount of users to their database network, and each user may easily and independently setup Camtrack on new devices.

Whether you're using Camtrack locally or on the Cloud, your organization can enter an unlimited amount of contributions, and create an unlimited amount of contacts. For each contribution a personalized thank you letter is automatically generated in a .docx format.

We do not automate our support service in anyway. At all hours a member of Keel Systems is available to take service calls and personally guide users through their problems. When necessary a member of our support staff will make a remote connection and directly solve the issue.



Group contacts by geographic, financial and voter criteria to allow contributor targeting and increases in resource efficiency. Prospecting possibilities are amplified by our massive collection of voter and contribution records.


Automatically prepare bank statements and thank you letters via Camtrack's comprehensive contribution filing system. Camtrack is integrated with the United States Postal Service's national database, affording users one-click address validation.


Camtrack converts your data into an FEC compatible format and files your reports directly with the Federal Ethics Commission. Keel Systems provides complete compliance services to certain clients. Send us an email or see the Pricing page for info.

Mobile Access

Browse a snapshot view of your database from any browser, effectively giving you the best of both worlds: high speed at the office and ready access on the road.

Keel Systems also designs, builds and maintains websites.

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