Proven Record

Our software background gives us an edge in data management. The savings speak for themselves.

Collectively we have many years of experience doing political compliance work at the Federal level and within the State of Texas. It is our opinion that prominent CPA and Law Firms are able to overcharge for compliance consulting based on title and reputation. We do not believe their quality of work to be superior.

  • Congressmen
  • Senators
  • State Officials
  • State Representatives
  • Database Access
  • Weekly Reports
  • Filings
  • Consulting

Our Service


A Keel Systems employee is always a phone call away. Clients recieve our personal numbers and are encouraged to contact us at any hour of the day for assistance.

Database Access

We maintain a Camtrack database for each of our clients. This database may be accessed via the web, or an install may be placed on one or more local machines.


Every weekend clients are presented with detailed financial and budget reports - complete with spending and contribution history according to category.

Many of our clients use Lilly and Company for fundraising, and we have developed an efficient relationship with their organization. Because they also use Camtrack, clients realize even more savings when pairing them with Keel Systems.



$250 Camtrack license

Billed monthly

Switch to fixed rate at any time

Re-elect or JFC


Camtrack license included

Billed monthly

Price subject to volume changes



Camtrack license included

Billed monthly

Price subject to volume changes

Simplify your costs. Simplify your filings.

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